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We have discovered a new method that allows you to take control of getting out of your timeshare that no other exit company has discovered, and we can implement it for you today.

We are not your typical exit company (companies that advertise and represent that they have the ability to get you out of your timeshare agreement). These companies that offer a money back guarantee to get you out of your timeshare have many issues and a lot of them are being sued out of business by the big timeshare chains like Wyndham and Diamond. It is a very easy business model to enter and there are many folks who have been swindled by exit firms that just close up shop and take their customers’ money and run. They have a flawed business model and do not escrow your money because they need it for advertising and general overhead.

The one thing everyone trying to get out of their timeshare needs to understand is that the timeshare company has 100% control over the process. If they deny an exit and just flat out say no the exit company is helpless and since they have already spent some, if not most, of your money by the time the refund period expires they will not have the money to refund you because its already been spent.

That is how we are different.

Is your loved one stuck in a timeshare?

Here's how you can help.
If you have a parent or loved one who has found themselves stuck in a timeshare, we understand you are likely concerned about them and the legal, financial hardship they are facing. It is important to understand that getting roped into a timeshare is not their fault and takes a large toll on them financially. It is easy to be persuaded to take action after sitting through a high-pressure sales presentation with deceiving rules and increasing yearly fees. Unfortunately, we see families who are easily lured into timeshares who, in turn, have the most trouble exiting the predicament.
If your loved one no longer wants to own a timeshare because they are fed up with the timeshare company, no longer have a desire to utilize it, or gained an unforeseen illness or injury that is preventing them from using it, TKO Timeshares can safely and swiftly help with the transition. Unlike working with other attorneys whose demand letters are easily recognized by the timeshare companies, which results in them refusing to deal with the lawyer, TKO Timeshares takes a different approach.

We take advantage of a little-known loophole, so your loved one will be able to stop all the payments once and for all, walking away immediately. This method forces them to address your loved one’s needs first, resulting in much quicker results than if you worked with an exit company. If a collection dispute arises, we can file specific paperwork to ensure their credit is unharmed. You can alleviate some stress knowing that TKO Timeshares will treat your loved ones like family. The ones benefiting from the transaction are the salesperson and the owners of the resort. Your loved one, unfortunately, is stuck with a small slice of a unit that has little or no resale value. Having said that, it is essential to understand some of the challenges that your relative or spouse is enduring:
  • There is a huge resale market. Often you can pick up units for less than half of what was originally paid. 
  • A timeshare depreciates once you take ownership. 
  • It is rare that a timeshare increases in value. In fact, expect it to lose value, as the total coast of your ownership was marked up to cover sales presentations, incentives, and giveaways. 
  • Most have high yearly maintenance fees.  
With all that being said, it is vital to understand that the timeshare company has 100% control over the process. Recognizing that your loved one is in a financial jam all while being the support they need is the best way to ensure that there is no additional pressure to the situation. Stay calm, patient, and let TKO Timeshares do the dirty work.

TKO is in your corner. We know you’re concerned about your loved one’s timeshare. Let us help you knock out that stress. Email us today if you are facing financial stress with your timeshare at info@tkotimeshare.com.

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How we have helped others

M. Gilmartin, California
"Nothing was ever on my credit.
I appreciate your help keeping those crooks at bay."

-M. Gilmartin, California
E. Young, Virginia
"You guys were great now that I know it is finally done.
Never out of touch."

-E. Young, Virginia
T. Biggert, California
"I feel better already!
I checked my credit report and there is no indication of unpaid timeshare fees."

-T. Biggert, California
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We know you’re concerned
about your timeshare.
Let us help you knock out that stress.

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