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Why Choose TKO?

A Boutique Exit Company

TKO is a boutique exit company that only takes a fraction of the cases the big advertisers handle
at any given time. There are some companies that we cannot obtain an exit from and we will tell
you that upfront. We will not take your money and sit on it for 12 to 18 months when we know
up front that we can’t help you. In fact, we will not collect our fee to exit your timeshare until
the cancellation is complete. We can’t help everyone and we don’t take every customer that
calls us but if we decide we can help, you will get A+ service.

We Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

We Understand Your Frustration

When you choose TKO you will be assigned an exit specialist that will walk you through the
process from start to finish and you will never be out of the loop. Not only will you be able to
call our office and email the specialist directly but he or she will give you their cell phone
number to call or text if you need to reach them. You will get scheduled updates about your file
and have access to your file at anytime.

We Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

We Are Transparent

Timeshare companies aren’t always honest and straightforward.  Often times our customers felt
deceived.  They were made promises that weren’t kept. They’ve been misled when it comes to
what they were getting and the value of their purchase.  We tell you the price up-front, and that

won’t change.  We communicate with you consistently through the process so you’ll know
what’s going on.

We Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

We Take On The Risk

If we can’t get you results, we don’t get paid.  We’ll work tirelessly with you and your timeshare
company to help you exit your timeshare obligation. If we can’t get it done then you risk

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