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How long does it take to get out of a Timeshare Obligation?

Each timeshare is different.  When you schedule a consultation with us, we’ll evaluate your
situation and give you an estimate of how long should take to cancel your contract. Most
transfers take between 6 to 18 months and a few have taken as long as 24 months.

Is my timeshare worth anything? How Much?

Buying a timeshare is easy, but selling it is very difficult.  Often timeshare owners who sell on
the secondary market actually end up paying people to take them. As an investment, the IRS has
determined timeshares have no value.

Can I sell my timeshare?

The short answer is yes, it has been done and will continue to be done. Some timeshares have
value, that you can resell on the secondary market. But like any asset, you need to know exactly
what you have, and IF it has any value. It is important to do the research and see if any similar
properties are selling and for how much.

Just like selling your house, you need to know what
comparable properties (pull the comps) to get a ballpark value of what you are dealing with. If
you see similar properties for sale for $1.00 you probably don’t have much value.

Start by answering the following questions:

– Is your timeshare paid-in-full, or are you still making mortgage payments?

– Who is the timeshare developer and the resort?

– Where is your timeshare located? Is it outside the United States?

– Do you have a deeded week or a points contract?

– Are you current on your timeshare maintenance fees and mortgage, or are behind?
Once you have the answers to these basic questions we can help you decide if you can
realistically sell your timeshare.

Will my family be burdened with my timeshare?

The answer to this question asks for a legal conclusion and estate laws vary state by state. We
are not providing legal advice; however, we are unaware of any circumstance where your family
could be forced to pay for your debts after you pass without some guaranty in writing.

It is our understanding that no one is forced to accept debts or assets through the estate process or through
a will under most circumstances.

But we are aware of many instances the timeshare company
has tried to get your family’s signature on legal documents that could bind them when they
attempt to use the property, especially after you have passed.

What if I still have a mortgage balance? Can you still help?

Yes, we can help.  The strategy we choose to get you out of your timeshare is unique depending
on your situation and will be determined during your free consultation.

How much will it cost to negotiate my timeshare exit?

Because each case is different and requires a different strategy, the cost of our service is variable.
 We will give you a guaranteed cost after your initial consultation that will not change.

Are there costs to get started with your program?

Yes, we do have a $499 setup charge. The purpose of this charge is two-fold. One, it covers our
cost to open your file and get the exit process started. Secondly, and more importantly, it shows
us that you are invested in the exit process and will cooperate in getting us the necessary
documents to conclude the transfer.

In the past, we attempted to handle the exit from start to
finish without any investment from the customer. There were times when we could not reach the
customer or could not timely obtain the necessary documents for the exit. We also found many
customers were “dipping their toe in the pool” and having us work on their exit when they had
not committed 100% to the cancellation.

The setup charge and customer investment has all but
removed these obstacles to a successful transfer and on with your life.

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