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The TKO Pay Later Program

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The Pay Later Program

Our motto has always been No Pressure. No pressure in the sale of our services. No pressure to
decide on what to do with your timeshare. No pressure to pay your hard earned money to get out
of your timeshare without knowing if it will ever happen.

Most, if not all of our customers bought their timeshare through a high pressure sales
presentation. They were lured with the bait and switch promise of a gift or even a free trip to
listen to a “short” presentation about timeshares. Then they were pressured into signing a
contract that never ends. We understand that pressure, is the last thing you need right now.
What you need is an advocate in your corner to help you out of this burden. No one should be in
a contract that never goes away.

How It Works

Timeshare Freedom You Can Trust:

Easy. Legal. Permanent.

When we’re hired to exit your timeshare we will quote you the fee for our service. This fee may
vary based on the resort and whether your property is paid off along with other factors. Once
you sign with us we will work on your cancellation from start to finish and our fee does not
become due until the exit is complete. Payment of our fee will be due within 30 days of the
confirmation of the cancellation.

Are There Costs to Get Started?

We're Committed To Your Success

Yes, we do have a $499 setup charge. The purpose of this charge is two-fold. One, it covers our
cost to open your file and get the exit process started. Secondly, and more importantly, it shows
us that you are invested in the exit process and will cooperate in getting us the necessary
documents to conclude the transfer.

In the past, we attempted to handle the exit from start to
finish without any investment from the customer. There were times when we could not reach the
customer or could not timely obtain the necessary documents for the exit. Some customers did
not want to pay to have documents notarized. We also found many customers were “dipping
their toe in the pool” and having us work on their exit when they had not committed 100% to the

The setup charge and customer investment has all but removed these obstacles to a
successful transfer and on with your life.

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