TKO Timeshares

Complete Freedom From Your Timeshare

Pay Nothing Until You Get Results

3 Simple Steps to Timeshare Freedom



Schedule A Consultation

You’ll talk with one of our timeshare experts who have experience cancelling timeshares across the country.  We’ll get all the information we need to advocate for you.



We Arrange Your Exit

We’ll go to work negotiating with your timeshare company to completely release you from your obligation, forever.  You’ll get a legal document releasing you from all liability.



You Get Your Life Back

You’ll be completely free from your timeshare.  You won’t have to worry about making monthly payments, maintenance fees, or harassing phone calls asking for more money.

Pay Nothing Until You Receive Results

The timeshare industry is notorious for saying anything it takes to make the sale, and never fulfilling any of the many promises made. 

We’re different.  We offer every customer the industry’s ONLY Pay Nothing Until You Get Results. 
If we can’t cancel your timeshare ownership, we don’t get paid.

We’ll do what we say we’ll do, and make good on our promises. Guaranteed.