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We have discovered a new method that allows you to take control of getting out of your timeshare that no other exit company has discovered, and we can implement it for you today.

We are not your typical exit company (companies that advertise and represent that they have the ability to get you out of your timeshare agreement).
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How we have helped others

M. Gilmartin, California
"Nothing was ever on my credit.
I appreciate your help keeping those crooks at bay."

-M. Gilmartin, California
E. Young, Virginia
"You guys were great now that I know it is finally done.
Never out of touch."

-E. Young, Virginia
T. Biggert, California
"I feel better already!
I checked my credit report and there is no indication of unpaid timeshare fees."

-T. Biggert, California
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Frequently asked questions

How can we help you?

We take advantage of a little known loophole with the timeshare collection process that gives you the edge. You can stop any further payments and walk away immediately. We know that if a collection dispute is the horizon we can file certain paperwork to make sure the integrity of your credit and financial position is intact, regardless of the other sides allegations.

Why not hire your own attorney?

Most lawyers who are paid a flat fee from the exit companies send demand letters alleging fraud and misrepresentations about the sale process, including that the weeks and units you bought are not available, and demand the timeshare take back the property. This may have worked with a few cases at first, but as soon as the timeshare companies figured out that the lawyer was most likely working in conjunction with an exit company (they would see the lawfirm name over and over again on demand letters) they would flat out refuse to deal with the lawyer any further, unless they had the demand to put your unit back in inventory and resell it.

Why would your timeshare refuse to deal with an attorney?

Because they know from experience that the lawyer’s demand letters are nothing more than baseless threats. They know that if a lawyer is working in conjunction with an exit company they are most likely working for a flat fee and will not have the funding to file suit. They know that the odds of a timeshare owner paying a lawyer by the hour ($300 an hour or more) to simply be released from their timeshare are slim to none and a lawyer cannot afford to file suit and litigate that type of case against a big corporation on a flat fee basis. If they did, they would go out of business almost immediately.

Westgate Resorts, Ltd. v. Sussman is a recent case out of Florida that goes into detail about how a lawyer who was trying to get his clients out of their timeshare by deeding the property to his staff (can you say UNETHICAL) and then telling the clients they were free of their timeshare obligations when they, in fact, were not. Most attorneys will not jeopardize their law license by engaging in such activity, but it does go to show the lengths some exit firms will take to scam their customers. Read the case here . The opinion is long, but in the first few pages the judge does a good job summarizing the industries and how the customer (you) are stuck in the middle of it all.
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