TKO Timeshares

We will help you exit your timeshare, forever.

Everything was different when you bought your timeshare.  Vacations were different, and there weren’t as many options for lodging. Your family was different, so your needs were different.  It was a promise of a lifetime of vacations.  A promise of freedom.  That freedom turned into a burden.  Vacationing at the same place each year quickly lost its appeal. Maintenance fees keep going up, even after your timeshare is paid for. 

What was something that enhanced your life and brought you joy has turned into dread.   You may even feel like you paid a bunch of money just for the right to pay a lifetime of maintenance fees.

You've paid your fair share, and it's time to stop.

We help people who are saddled with a timeshare that is no longer meeting their financial or lifestyle needs get out. Legally. Permanently.  Without ruining your credit and your good name.

Freedom from your timeshare burden

Cancel Your Timeshare Ownership

Time Share Relief In 3 Easy Steps

Step One:

Schedule A Consultation

You’ll talk with one of our timeshare experts who have experience cancelling timeshares across the country.  We’ll get all the information we need to advocate for you.

Step Two:

We Arrange Your Exit

We’ll go to work negotiating with your timeshare company to completely release you from your obligation, forever.  You’ll get a legal document releasing you from all liability.

Step Three:

You Get Your Life Back

You’ll be completely free from your timeshare.  You won’t have to worry about making monthly payments, maintenance fees, or harassing phone calls asking for more money.

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Your Results Are Guaranteed

The timeshare industry is notorious for saying anything it takes to make the sale, and never fulfilling any of the many promises made. 

We’re different.  We offer every customer an unconditional money-back guarantee.  If we can’t cancel your timeshare ownership, we don’t get paid.

We’ll do what we say we’ll do, and make good on our promises. Guaranteed.