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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you searching for Timeshare Exit Company Info.? Here you can find our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question which isn’t answered below then contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Timeshare Exit Company Info.

Yes. The internet is full of DIY resources.  Some are good information, a lot are not.  Timeshare Users Group is a good place to start.  In fact, a lot of our customers have already tried and come to us when they couldn’t make any headway. We are still happy to talk to you if you want to try to get out yourself.  We can help protect your credit if you want to take the DIY approach first.

No, not automatically because they are your heirs.  Exit companies like to throw this around to scare older timeshare owners to get out is because you’re their kids
“will be stuck” with the timeshare payments.  This notion is not 100% accurate.  

Many timeshare arrangements are deeded property with a perpetuity clause, which means your estate will have to deal with the timeshare after you pass.  Your timeshare property could hold up the closing of your estate.  However, debts cannot be passed to your children or heirs through the probate process.  In other words, your kids don’t automatically inherit your debts.  They have the right to refuse to take the timeshare and abandon it, but it could keep the estate from being closed.  

If you have a will or trust in place it may be a good idea to speak with your attorney to see if there are legal protections to prevent that from becoming an issue.  Being proactive and taking care of your timeshare now rather than when it becomes an estate problem is usually the best course of action. 

This is certainly a viable option.  Exit companies pay lawyers on a flat fee basis to send letters alleging fraud and misrepresentations about the sale process, including that the weeks and units you bought are not available and demand the timeshare take back the property. The lawyers will continue to negotiate with the timeshare company while this process plays out. 

This has worked in the past, but with the pandemic and subsequent reduction in travel, timeshares are not as willing to take back their units because they are finding it more difficult to resell them. In addition, when the timeshare companies figure out that the lawyer is most likely working in conjunction with an exit company (they would see the law-firm name over and over again on letters), they will most likely flat out refuse to deal with the lawyer any further, especially if the demand for your particular unit is not great. 

Hiring a lawyer may be the best option depending on your situation.  However, having an exit company be the middleman in between you and a lawyer will only cost more money in the long run because the exit company has to take their cut.  It is a better idea to hire an attorney on your own and spell out the billing arrangement with the lawyer directly.  

Yes. We provide credit protection and credit repair services. If you make the decision that you cannot afford or are tired of making payments for maintenance fees and/or your mortgage payments, we can protect your financial reputation.

Yes. Most people who still have an open mortgage run into a brick wall when trying to get released. Timeshare companies do not want to give up the revenue stream and interest (usually 15%).  In addition, they have to report the current default rate to their third-party lenders.  This means they are extremely unlikely to release anyone from their mortgage obligations, irrespective of their health or financial situation. If you’re done paying for your timeshare, we can help you protect your financial reputation.

The short answer is it depends on your situation and what we need to do for you. However, since we do not have the expenses of a national radio and TV advertising campaign, we can charge much less than most other companies. 

Yes. The list of timeshares we can help with changes from time to time.  It can change on a quarterly basis but we do handle the majority of timeshare properties.

No. Absolutely not. 

First and foremost, we have never sold timeshares or worked with a timeshare company. We believe that the entire industry needs to change its business model. It is ridiculous to stick people with a lifetime of payments until they die or even beyond.  We also believe it’s unconscionable to sell this product through giveaways that feed them into a high-pressure sale presentation and use psychological hooks in the presentation to convince unsuspecting buyers that a timeshare is a great idea.

However, most timeshare exit companies were started by ex timeshare salespeople, or at the very least, have worked for them. Even one of the biggest advertisers in the market plainly tells the public this fact in their ads.  There is a real possibility that you could be working with someone who put you in this situation in the first place.  Now they are claiming to help you get out, all for another fee, of course.

Yes. Regardless of how many properties or memberships you have, the process is the same.  If the properties are all with the same resort or timeshare company, it is also possible to streamline the cancellations.

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