How we have helped others

M. Gilmartin, California
"Nothing was ever on my credit.
I appreciate your help keeping those crooks at bay."

-M. Gilmartin, California
E. Young, Virginia
"You guys were great now that I know it is finally done.
Never out of touch."

-E. Young, Virginia
T. Biggert, California
"I feel better already!
I checked my credit report and there is no indication of unpaid timeshare fees."

-T. Biggert, California
B. McCarter, Louisiana
"Thank you again. Extremely professional. Hope to meet you in person next time you are down South."

-B. McCarter, Louisiana
B. DeAngelo, Pennsylvania
"I just received the paperwork to finally get out of this mess.
Thanks again!"

-B. DeAngelo, Pennsylvania
E. Dunton
"Thank god we are done with our timeshare. What a rip off. Thank you TKO for helping us put this behind us and keeping anything bad off our credit reports."

-E. Dunton
D. Blakely
"When I got my maintenance fee bill of over $2000 for a unit I couldn’t use because of Covid I knew I was done with it. TKO helped me navigate the process and kept my credit intact. Very professional and responsive."

-D. Blakely
J. Panter
When my parents passed we tried to use the timeshare and unwittingly signed documents to put it in our name. This is not what was represented and we needed a way out. Jason and TKO were great to deal with. He gave us his personal cell phone and we would call or text whenever we had any questions or got some threatening letter in the mail. He always responded right away. The timeshare eventually took it back thanks to TKO. I would recommend them to anyone.

-J. Panter
M. Parks
"I couldn’t use my week because of Covid and they still wanted their money, I appreciate you helping me out of a bad situation."

-M. Parks

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