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TKO Timeshare Solution's Credit Protection Strategy

We are NOT a typical timeshare exit company. Keep reading below to find out why.

Timeshare Exit Company Credit Protection Program

Every timeshare owner, brand new or seasoned timeshare pro, needs Timeshare Credit Protection.Timeshare Credit Protection allows you to rest easy knowing that in the event of a change in circumstances (like the Pandemic or health and financial issues) your credit score will be intact, while you decide on what to do with your timeshare.
Fico Scores
Credit Card Balance

Our Timeshare Exit Firm Provides a Credit Protection Plan

Whether you are looking to sell or exit from your timeshare now or enjoy your timeshare for the future, timeshare credit protection is a must. Unlike all other debts, there is no payoff amount on your timeshare. As you get older and times change, you still need to make payments no matter what. When the time comes to part ways with your timeshare, your credit score will NOT be the deciding factor on whether to keep it or not!

Collection Dispute and Relief Services:

Already behind on your payments? Let our credit specialists dispute any negative marks on your credit report. Does it apply to me if I have a mortgage? Yes, it helps all timeshare owners, whether their property is paid off or not.

How do I get started?

The process couldn’t be any easier. Just sign up for the protection coverage with a team member to see if you qualify. Then fill out a brief application with our credit specialist and you are all set. You will even be able to see the credit protection on your credit report once it is in place.

The Fair Credit Act

Call now to speak with a credit protection specialist: 866-957-3664