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Timeshare Exit Companies Cannot Obtain An Exit For All Clients!

Timeshare Exit Companies For All?

By: Adam Burns – TKO Timeshare Solutions

There are only several avenues to unload your timeshare with an exit company.  All of the methods that exit companiTimeshare Exit Companies For Alles use, you can use on your own. You certainly have the ability to hire an attorney. You can sign a listing agreement with a broker or licensed real estate agent. You can deal with your timeshare and any potential buyback program they have by yourself. You can list your property on eBay or Zillow. 

The relationship between exit companies and timeshare companies has gotten so bad that any direct communication with the timeshare will result in your file being flagged and getting a flat-out NO.  This was inevitable, considering almost all exit companies have received more than one cease and desist letter from a timeshare company, and many have been sued.

In such a lawsuit, a large exit company was accused of impersonating their customers on the phone and demanding their customers never disclose they are working with an exit company or they will forfeit their fee.

Since the relationship with timeshares and exit companies has soured, exit companies have to use third parties like brokers or attorneys.  This is because an exit company cannot deal directly with your timeshare company. Brokers and resellers can attempt to sell your timeshare, and attorneys can send demands and negotiate the terms.  If your timeshare has value, it will be much easier to get from under the financial burden.

If your timeshare does not have much or any value, it will be much harder to obtain an exit.  If you are trying to exit a timeshare with no value the exit company has two choices.  They can either decline to take the file or they can take the file and accept your money and hope the market turns around.  This is all while your money sits in their account accruing interest (but you don’t get any interest). Or worse, they spend it.

In light of all this, exit companies have gone to great lengths to continue with this shroud of secrecy, generating huge sums of money, claiming to be the only option when trying to get you out of your timeshare.  There is no doubt most exit companies have been able to secure exits in the past, but “that was then, this is now.”

Let’s start the journey together of getting you out of your timeshare, legally, quickly, and permanently. Schedule a no-cost consultation today!

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